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Old Mixed Aluminum Scrap
Aluminum Turnings
Utensil Aluminum Scrap
Aluminum Lithograph Sheet Scrap
Clean Painted Aluminum Scrap
Painted Aluminum Insulated Scrap
Used Beverage Cans (UBC loose)
Baled UBC
Briquetted UBC
New Beverage Can Stock Scrap
Remelt Aluminum Ingot
Remelt Aluminum Sows
Mixed Irony Aluminum Scrap
Low Grade Irony Aluminum Scrap
Scrap Auto Transmissions
Scrap Aluminum Auto Rads
Supported Aluminum Cable Scrap
Insulated Aluminum Wire Scrap
Bare Aluminum Wire Scrap
Aluminum Auto Wheel Scrap
Alumifoil Scrap
Aluminum Nodules
Coated Aluminum Scrap
Cast Aluminum Scrap
Low Copper Aluminum Scrap
Aluminum Extrusion Scrap
Shredded UBC
Paperbacked Alumifoil Waste
Aluminum Auto Fragments

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Click to search the company directories by state or province:
US Scrap Aluminum Dealers Directory - Canadian Scrap Aluminum Directory

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The is a membership based regional information exchange servicing companies and individuals who BUY / SELL / TRADE commodities, materials, goods and services relevant to this industry.
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  • replies or inquiries made to each Exchange Listing are emailed directly to the submitter of the listing

Rejections reserves the right to exclude any or all listing submissions. Listings may be rejected for several reasons. The most common reasons are outlined below:
  • listing was too general -- listings must be for specific Buy or Sell orders because this is a trading system
  • listing included company promotional information in listing,
    e.g. web site address
  • listing included company contact information in the content-body of the ad
  • listing included invalid contact information in the business card section of the form
  • listing is not applicable to the desired category
  • listing duplicates another listing submitted in the past
  • listing included profanity or other unacceptable language
  • etc.

Replying To A Buy/Sell/Trade Listing

  • Members may reply to a listing by entering their email address and completing the Exchange reply form provided for each listing
  • a valid reply must be a direct response to the item that has been posted
  • replies to listings from anyone who responds en-mass to listings with general replys like call me will be rejected
  • replies to listings from anyone who is attempting to solicit some product or service will be rejected.

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